Serviceplan Hands Over BMW Motorsport to Havas
The ‘Palau Pledge,’ a Small Nation’s Bold Environmental Effort, Just Won a Top Global Ad Honor
Holographic Statues of 500 Locals Help Boost Both Tourism and Morale in Brussels
TD Ameritrade: Greetings from the Blockchain by Havas New York
Havas Edge Leads the Way to the Future of Media Automation
MCM Unites Havas Offices to Create Dynamic ‘London Village’ at the Heart of Kings Cross
Why Would an Ad Create the ‘Worst Song in the World’? To Make a Pretty Relatable Point, Actually
Host/Havas Holds Onto Defense Force Recruiting Creative Account for Another Year
Vivendi Buys Ticketing and Technology Firm Paylogic from LiveStyle
Alexandre Rodrigues Appointed as Creative Director of Fullsix
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