Win the Right Way

While Chivas Regal is exported throughout the globe and is widely recognized for its quality, it is seen as old-fashioned compared to its closest rival, Johnnie Walker. James and John Chivas, the creators of the brand, always believed that real success shouldn’t be measured by a man’s wealth alone but by how many lives he has enriched. The challenge was to tell a new story that conveyed the brand’s true point of view to engage today’s new civic-minded drinkers.

Helping people succeed is in the brand’s DNA, and Havas Worldwide London saw an opportunity to provoke today’s drinkers into putting their dreams of creating social enterprises into action. The “Win the Right Way” campaign was designed to inspire and enable real change. In advertising, Havas Worldwide London used locally relevant celebrities (including Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oscar Isaac, and Liao Fan) to throw down the gauntlet and provoke people to Win the Right Way. Additionally, Havas created documentaries featuring local social entrepreneurs explaining how they chose to Win the Right Way to inspire other would-be social entrepreneurs. To those daring enough to put their dreams into reality, the brand created “The Venture,” offering them the opportunity to pitch their business ideas and potentially win funding (a share of $1M) to make these social businesses a reality. Following on from the global final of The Venture,the finalists had their activities and success promoted further, creating mass participation online and across POS.

The campaign had the highest take-up from local markets across the globe in Chivas’ brand history. It generated over 170M display impressions, 33M OTV impressions, while The Venture received 1,182 entries worldwide.

The “Win the Right Way” campaign won bronze at the 2015 CBI Awards.

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