No Child Brides

Child Survival India
No Child Brides

Havas Worldwide India uncovered this cultural truth and started a movement to raise awareness of the issue without spending a single rupee. Every married Indian woman wears a red bindi, a dot on her forehead representing honor, love and prosperity. Havas India decided to contrast the red bindi with a white one, as a symbol of lost childhood and a colorless future.

Child Survival India campaigned throughout India to sell the white bindis, and every time one was bought, a bindi was added to a 6ft x 4ft art installation portraying a young girl, emblematic of the millions who are forced into child marriages.

The final symbolic composition was made out of 39,000 bindis, representing the number of child marriages happening every day around the world.

In just 45 days, the campaign scored a whopping 22 million media impressions and the white bindi movement gathered 1.5 million supporters,including Bollywood celebrities and leading fashion designers.

The “No Child Brides” campaign won the Grand Prix at the APAC Effie Awards and Gold at the 2015 CBI Awards.

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