Evita. The Equality Bill

Creative idea

Argentina has two different 100 pesos bills: one portraying a man (Julio Roca), the other portraying a woman. This last one is the only bill featuring a woman in Argentina’s history. And not any woman: Evita Perón, someone who’s remembered for fighting inequality between sexes. As Women’s Day was approaching, we came up with the idea of raising awareness about the gender pay gap by making the bill with a woman’s face on it worth 27% more than the one with a man’s face on it, meaning while Roca’s bills were worth 100 pesos, Evita’s bills were worth 127. This way consumers could become conscious in a very concrete, tangible way of the injustice in how much men and women are paid for the same work.


Dulce de leche is usually tied to tradition, old-school values, family cooking, and indulgent pleasures – but DDL&Co believed a product so present in our everyday lives shouldn’t have to be tied to the past, it should live in the present and look towards the future. We realized this needed to be a brand that was tightly tied to the spirit of the times. A brand that doesn’t try to be loved by everybody like all other dulce de leche brands, but one targeted towards the bold and the progressive. That meant that, in a context full of controversies – fake news, data protection, the #MeToo movement, and ideological polarization, to name some – it needed to be a brand that isn’t afraid to speak out and take a stand about things that matter.
Dulce de leche in Argentina is a tradition that reaches all classes, genders, ages, and backgrounds. Unfortunately, so does sexism. And since 81% of women eat dulce de leche daily, we figured this would be the right issue to focus on.
The feminist wave here in the country has been the strongest one in the region. Yet this remains a country with a deeply ingrained patriarchal culture. You can see it even in the tiniest details. But where did we see it every day in our stores? Each time a customer opened their wallets: six different men were portrayed in the bills, while only one woman had hers.


DDL&Co sells dulce de leche (a sweet preparation similar to caramel) and all kinds of sweets made with dulce de leche under the tagline “Argentine flavors”. They are proud to be a small company with a big vision. And this is why they wanted their first advertising campaign to tackle a big and relevant issue. But dulce de leche is a very popular Argentinian confection, and there’s a lot of competition around, both from artisanal producers like them and well-known industrial producers. Therefore, the campaign needed to have both some local flavor and an ingenious idea that would differentiate them from the rest.


During the whole month of March, everyone who came to the stores was informed at the cash register that they could either pay with a Roca bill, that would be worth the standard 100 pesos or with an Evita bill, that would be worth an extra 27 pesos. After the cashiers would explain why surprised, people would reach for their wallets to find an Evita one.


We doubled our media reach thanks to earned media. Respecting brand tracking, the trust value went from 2,2 to 4.1/5. Meanwhile, in Instagram, our engagement rate grew more than 7 points. The initiative was commented and shared by more than 15 opinion leaders. Which is more, that month became their most successful yet. And 86% of costumers paid with bills that portrayed a woman.


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