The Colombian National Road Safety Agency

Life Line

The growth in the production, import and sale of motorcycles in Colombia responds to an economic and social reality of the country. They are used for daily transportation, to get to work/home and to produce work. More than 6% of jobs in the country depend on this kind of vehicle. Having a motorcycle is a solution in cities with massive transportation systems that do not cover demand and traffic collapsed routes, that is why 1 in 7 colombians use a motorcycle. There are more motorcycles than cars in the streets.

For 2016 the colombian National Road Safety Agency launched its annual prevention campaign with the firm purpose of reducing accidents and its objectives were: Promotion of awareness, encouragement of prudence, pedagogy of traffic rules and pedagogy of sanction. With a clear objective to reduce the accident rate and deaths of motorcyclists, we created a low cost initiative to help motorcyclists to be aware of maintaining the safety distance with other vehicles at any time of the day. We needed to be very near to drivers, to almost be in front of their eyes to keep them aware: we created Life Line.

Life Line is a sticker located on the visor of the helmet and reminds you permanently of the minimum distance you must maintain with the vehicle in front. Life Line marks a point on the horizon, the line always has to be below the tires of the vehicle in front of the motorcycle and if the line is above the tires of the vehicle it means is time to slow down or brake. It is a line that maintains the distance between life and death.

The motorcyclists were positive in reaction to the campaign, interest was high on activation points and we started a massive implementation with a key ally. In the first 30 days we installed more than 5.200 Life Lines on drivers helmets in the activation points and more than 3.000 downloads of DIY Life Lines were made. The leading helmets brand in Colombia, joined the initiative and now of all their products regardless of the segment (street, xtreme, security and others) come with Line of Life in the visor. This makes our idea nationwide and puts the message in front or drivers eyes as we planned it.

The “Life line” campaing won silver in El Sol Festival and shortlist in product design in Cannes Lions 2017.

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