Jack Daniel's
Holiday Holograms

Jack Daniel’s is the world’s most popular whiskey, but it has been struggling to engage with a younger, occasional drinker audience for some time. Arnold Furnace Sydney’s challenge was to translate some of the old-world stories into today’s values of “togetherness,” to engage the youth audience and help them understand what Jack means in modern day-to-day life. 

Knowing that one in three Australians were born overseas or have emigrated from overseas countries, Arnold Furnace created an idea aimed at bringing the same feeling of connecting with loved ones over a drink to their long distance relationships. The Jack’s “Holiday Holograms” turned people’s loved ones into “holograms” and beamed them into a purpose-built room of a Sydney bar, helping them “seemingly” connect like never before.

On a media spend of just AU$80K the campaign engaged nearly 1M people in Jack Daniel’s target market, with a hugely positive brand sentiment. On YouTube, the “Holiday Holograms” film received a viewer rating of 4.97/5.00. This performance put the video in the top 3% of Australian YouTube content.

Internally, the campaign was hailed by Jack Daniel’s Australia as one of the most successful campaigns developed to date, giving the brand both the permission and the confidence to extend an age-old brand into a more contemporary space.

The Holiday Holograms campaign won Silver at the 2015 CBI Awards.

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