Love Flutter
Paper Bag Dating

Loveflutter is a digital start-up that wanted to take on the giants of the mobile dating industry with a modest budget. It has all the usual features of dating apps, like geolocation, but unlike rivals, Loveflutter users spend a moment considering personality before looks. Before being able to view profile pictures, they must first read a quirky fact about the person. If they like what they read, they can then tap and view the profile. To help launch the Loveflutter app to the dating masses in the UK and US, Havas PR UK needed to first create intrigue around this alternative approach to dating.

The “Paper Bag Dating” campaign, where participants search for love with a paper bag on their head, dramatized the notion of considering personality before looks. Putting people’s quirky fact on the bag also replicated the distinctive experience of using Loveflutter.

This bold idea garnered great results: the coverage was seen by 8 million people, and after each Paper Bag Speed Dating event, Loveflutter’s user base grew by 1,000%. The app is now on track to be downloaded a million times.

The Paper Bag Dating campaign won an Honorable Mention award at the 2015 CBI Awards.

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